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Because of my background in Fine Arts Painting, Illustration and Photography, I am no stranger to Photoshop. I enjoy challenging projects that require advanced thinking in terms of the tools offered by that software.

The same tools that we use in retouching can be used to restore old photographs. The process begins with a high resolution scan, or an enlarging photograph if necessary. Then I begin to identify the sections of the photograph that need to be repaired. With that list, I systematically restore the image.

The most successful projects begin with a high quality source image. I offer scanning services as well as photo enlargement to insure the best results. Once the image is properly restored, clients have an option to receive a digital version or to have a photographic print made. There is no reason that priceless memories have to be lost.
Photo Restoration - A dramatic before & afterPhoto Restoration - Repair of a damaged photographPhoto Restoration - removing minor surface abrasionsPhoto Restoration - the end product is only as good as the source imagePhoto Colorization - The SamuraiPhoto Colorization - The BuglerPhoto Colorization - Classic Image