Sage Arts Studio | Materion Facilities - Milwaukee, WI

Created 12-Jan-16
Modified 12-Jan-16
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I was hired to do some product photography for Materion, a company that produces chemical compounds for industrial use. In addition to the product shots, they asked that I capture images of their facilities that showed their capabilities. The important thing was to illustrate to their customers that they were not merely redistributors of these products, but actually had the capability to manufacture them in house.

The company is very safety and security conscious, which meant that I was given a temporary visitor badge and escorted for the entire shoot. Throughout the facilities, safety glasses and steel toe shoes were also required. There were areas of the facility handled high heat, radiation, asbestos and other toxic substances.

Because of the size and the nature of the plant, flash use was not an option. These were all captured at high ISO (ISO 6400 and up).