3-2-1 Action!

Action Portraits by Anthony Sell

Capturing dynamic action is one of my favorite subjects. In the past I have worked with Dancers, Gymnasts, Martial Artists, Yoga Practitioners, and all kinds of Stage Performers to capture images that show of their particular set of skills.

My Action Portraits use a lighting setup that emphasizes the physique and movement of the individual, often resulting in a more edgy look with more contrast than a typical portrait.

With the studio strobes I have, I am able to freeze motion while shooting at up to 10 frames per second. This gives me the ability to catch fast movements mid-action, which is perfect for this type of shot. Plus, given the equipment I have we can light this any number of ways.

Given my background in the Martial Arts, I also have a keen eye for capturing movement, finding the best angle and lighting.

Show Me What You Can Do

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