In January of 2016, I was hired to do some product photography for the Milwaukee plant of Materion, a company that produces chemical compounds for use in industrial manufacturing.

This company was both safety and security conscious. Throughout the two-day shoot, I was required to be escorted at all times by an employee, and safety glasses, steel toe shoes and gloves were required.

Many of the products were in powdered form, although some were cast into cones, cylinders or pellets for specific uses in the manufacturing process. The challenge here was to make what were rather mundane looking powders, crystals and shapes look appealing. We spent a good deal of time considering the backdrop and styling the shoot with glassware and other props to find an appealing arrangement for each shot.

Several of the product photos were to be used at 20" x 20" or larger on a Tradeshow mural, which required enlarging. One of the capabilities I have in studio is to enlarge images up to 400% without a noticeable loss of quality.

In addition to the product photography, the company asked me to shoot images of their plant, which spanned two buildings, for internal use as well as on their website.
The company also asked for a quick turnaround on the final images, as the representative was in town for about 4 days. We shot for two days and the majority of the images were delivered on the third day, with four images requiring some adjustment, delivered the next week.
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