Sage Arts Studio | Walgreens Store - Pewaukee, WI

Created 22-Mar-15
Modified 22-Mar-15
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I was recently contracted by the Stan Johnson Company in Chicago, IL to photograph a Walgreens store building on Capitol Drive in Pewaukee, as well as the adjacent businesses.

Finding blue skies in November was quite a challenge. Particularly when my truck was broken down. It’s about a 45 minute drive to this location from my home, given good traffic. I had to get out there on three separate days to get the right shots. Everything above this was taken on the third day, when the skies cleared.

I also had to recover the sky color in Lightroom, using graduated filters and punching up the contrast and saturation. I also warmed up the white balance to give it a sunnier feel. Fortunately for this client, I have an interest in Matte painting, and I know how to pull that off.

I actually think the images shot on the overcast days were more useful, as they didn’t have the same contrast as the ones shot in the bright sun. Shadow details is important when displaying a building for marketing purposes.
This image is indicative of the skies I had to work with. Great even lighting, but dead boring skies. All of the shots below this had the same skies, but were edited in Lightroom to add some color.