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Created 24-Mar-15
Modified 5-Apr-15
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I offer a variety of web design services, from basic updates, to modifications, to complete redesigns, to websites from scratch. I enjoy helping small business owners work through the process of organizing their message, and finding the right layout and graphics to make the impression they desire.

The websites I typically build are either based in HTML/CSS or Wordpress. My recommendation as to which is most appropriate for a given client really depends on the nature of their content, how much customization is required, and how frequently the content will be updated.

For Wordpress-based websites, once the site is created and customized, populated with content, I then take the client through the process of using that interface, so they have confidence that they will be able to update their content whenever they desire.

For clients with websites with content that is not regularly updated, I offer monthly updates for a small additional fee. This covers an hour of work that might include updating a link, replacing an image or text, etc. For more significant changes, such as modifying the navigation by adding or removing pages, I would create an estimate for the amount of work involved.
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